Mike Nichols earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Idaho State University. In 2014 he was awarded the Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize. You can find his poetry in Black Rock & SageRogue AgentTattoo Highway, Spider Mirror Journal, Tuck Magazine and elsewhere.  His fiction has appeared  in Black Rock & Sage, Bewildering Stories, and Underground Voices. Mike is working to publish a grief themed book of poetry and a book of short fiction soon after.  

Contact: nichmik3 [at] isu [dot] edu


Some Favorite Authors

Cormac McCarthy

. . . he held out his hands as if to steady himself or as if to bless the ground there or perhaps as if to slow the world that was rushing away . . .

– All the Pretty Horses

Pete Dexter

“Life goes on,” he said, and the next morning the puppy was dead.

– Spooner

Howard Bahr

When a man was alone too much, he had only himself to look into, and what he found there was all manner of darkness.

– Pelican Road

Robert Olmstead

He called down his darker nature and was contemptuous of the awes and terrors of his history.

– Far Bright Star

Look at you said a voice in his head, disapproving and cold, speaking from somewhere in the marrow dark.

– Howard Bahr