Mike L. Nichols earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Idaho State University, and was awarded the Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize. You can find his poetry and fiction in more and more places. Click the ‘Publications’ link above to see those places. Mike is working to publish a grief themed book of poetry and a book of short fiction stories soon after, with the understanding that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Contact him at: nichmik3 [at] isu [dot] edu


Some Favorite Authors

Cormac McCarthy

. . . he held out his hands as if to steady himself or as if to bless the ground there or perhaps as if to slow the world that was rushing away . . .

– All the Pretty Horses

Pete Dexter

“Life goes on,” he said, and the next morning the puppy was dead.

– Spooner

Howard Bahr

When a man was alone too much, he had only himself to look into, and what he found there was all manner of darkness.

– Pelican Road

Robert Olmstead

He called down his darker nature and was contemptuous of the awes and terrors of his history.

– Far Bright Star

Look at you said a voice in his head, disapproving and cold, speaking from somewhere in the marrow dark.

– Howard Bahr